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The Safety and Effectiveness of Herbal Supplements for Pets

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There is a reason they call a dog man’s best friend: they are incredibly loyal, caring animals who are always there for you whether you need them or not. And as any good owner knows, their dog is more than a daily chore—they are a member of your family who you should care for as much as yourself. Everything you do for your pet, from attention to exercise to regular vet visits are critical to your pet’s health and longevity, which translates to overall happiness.
It Starts With a Healthy Daily Diet
Arguably the most important aspect of your pet’s health is their daily diet, as it is what they are putting into their body on a daily basis. If you ate the same thing every day throughout your life that wasn’t high quality, wouldn’t your health decline relatively quickly? The same goes for any animal, especially your dog. There is a host of new evidence out there about what to feed your pet, namely raw food rather than the processed, grain and soy heavy dry food of the past. The strongest supplements out there for pets are made with Elk Velvet Antler, which help a dog’s whole body stay fit and active for longer.
Why Elk Velvet Antler?
Wapiti Labs is proud to supply the best elk velvet antler for pets. The Wylie family, founders of Wapiti, bought a retired 320-acre dairy farm in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota and transformed it into the Wolf Creek Elk Ranch, with a herd of over 200 elk. These elk lived in their pollution-free natural environment, well protected by the Wylie family and their employees, and were also selected from the best genetics that produced the healthiest stock. All the animals are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association. Routine checks are conducted by a registered veterinarian to ensure each of the animals has proper health and nutrition. Additionally, the elk ranch has been certified Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis free.
Keeping Fido Healthy with Elk Velvet Supplements
These supplements have been found to naturally support all aspects of health, from bolstering the immune system to increasing overall energy and general joint flexibility. Various organs like the liver and kidneys are also supported by the regular ingestion of elk velvet antler, as well blood circulation. Pill form or powder supplements can be included in your pet’s wet food or feed as a treat. Considering how Wapiti supplements are produced, they are undoubtedly higher-performing than other herbal supplements on the market.
Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy!
What you give your dog to eat directly translates to your dog’s overall health and happiness. So with supplements made with such care, there is nothing better to give your pet than the products from Wapiti Labs.

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