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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in a Pet Supplement

Just like human supplements, there are thousands of pet supplements available for your furry family member. Whether you walk into a local pet store or a specialty boutique, you’re bound to see rows of colorful bottles that promise everything from a calm, well-natured pet to a coat that will be the softest thing you’ve ever touched. But how can you tell the real supplements apart from their snake oil cousins?
The secret is research; a well-informed pet owner results in a healthy, happy pet. So here are three questions that we recommend you ask yourself while researching supplements for your pet.

1.  Does Your Potential Supplement Adhere to Quality and Safety Guidelines?

Unsubstantiated claims can be dangerous; they can also be expensive. Some companies love to sell their “revolutionary” products to unsuspecting pet lovers, but don’t be fooled. If a supplement really works, it will bear an official seal of approval from an industry expert.
For example, all Wapiti products have been made in the U.S. following strict quality standards. We’ve been given the National Animal Supplement Council’s Quality Seal of Approval because of our dedication to going above and beyond in the field of supplements and chews. We’re proud to say that we’ve never needed to issue a recall for our natural pet supplements.
But we take quality a step further at Wapiti. Not only do we ensure quality in all of our supplements, but we also personally provide the most important ingredient they contain. We are, of course, talking about the elk velvet used in our supplements. The elk velvet used in our supplements is sourced only once a year from our healthy bulls in a low-stress process supervised by our herd veterinarian. Our elk herd enjoys life roaming across over 320 acres of pollutant-free land that we lovingly call the Wolf Creek Elk Ranch. All of our elk are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association. Additionally, we have registered veterinarians and certified nutritionists check our herd routinely to ensure that every elk is in good health and is receiving proper nutrition. Our ranch is certified CWD and tuberculosis free. What this all means is that you don’t have to worry about the ingredients used in our supplements; we know where every ingredient comes from, start to finish!

2. Is Your Potential Supplement Endorsed by Any Medical Professionals?

Infomercials are great, but they’re no substitute for the years of schooling and experience a veterinary professional can provide. If your veterinarian hasn’t heard of the ingredients in the supplement you’re thinking about giving your dog, you may want to rethink your selection. Make sure that you’re on the lookout for “fad” ingredients; it’s becoming common for marketers to include some of the same eye-catching ingredients used in human supplements in their pet-centered counterparts to try to catch the eye of well-meaning pet parents. But new isn’t always better, and pets don’t need all of the same supplements that humans do.
Wapiti uses natural, renewable resources to make our supplements. Our supplements are endorsed, recommended, and distributed by veterinarians practicing both Eastern and Western herbal medicine across the U.S. and beyond. We only use ingredients that are proven to be effective in managing your pet’s health. We don’t use fancy words to try to impress you, and all of our ingredients are listed as what they are. That’s all it takes to illustrate their effectiveness.

3. Is the Potential Supplement Tailored for Your Specific Pet and Its Specific Health Concerns?

Outside of multivitamins, it’s normal to expect a certain level of specificity in your pet’s supplements. It’s not out of the question to want a supplement that’s tailored to your pet and its specific health concerns. Dog, cat, fish, ferret; there’s a supplement out there that’s just right for your pet. You’ll also want to do a little exploring to determine what the best delivery system is for your pet before committing to a supplement. Take your pick between pills, powders, and liquid tinctures.
As we said before, don’t hesitate to get specific with your search. If your cat has GI issues, don’t settle for a generic “full-coverage” supplement. Investigate targeted GI formulas like the Wapiti GI Tract supplement. There’s a whole world of targeted supplements out there.

Find the Supplement You Need with Wapiti

Whether you’re looking to help your pet with a healthy recovery or your senior cat find its energy again, Wapiti is here to help you with all of your natural pet supplement needs. If you have any questions about Wapiti supplements, or pet supplements in general, don’t be afraid to give us a call. A member of our team would be more than happy to help you find the perfect supplement for your furry family member.

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