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4 Daily Habits for a Healthier Canine

Think about all of the time and effort you put into keeping yourself healthy: eating well, getting regular exercise, seeking mental stimulation, and more. Dogs need all of that, too! Caring for any pet requires more than just the odd trip to the vet—it requires daily work from you to help your furry friend stay healthy and happy. Adopt these habits, or incorporate them into your current routine to help keep your dog in peak physical and mental condition.

Stick to a Nutritional Diet

Your furry friend’s nutritional needs depend on her age and general health. Work with your vet to figure out the right diet for your pup, and be sure to stick to it. That means resisting the pull of those puppy eyes! If your vet determines that your dog needs to lose a few pounds, you may be advised to only feed her once a day, or to cut back on the amount of food in each meal. On the flip side, an underweight puppy or adult dog will need a higher volume of food in order to bulk up to a healthy weight.
Whatever your dog’s individual needs, make sure you establish a routine by feeding her at about the same time each day. Not only does this provide her with a feeling of security, but it also helps you keep track of when she needs to go outside—about ten minutes after a meal. And if your dog has any kind of gastrointestinal distress, consider introducing Wapiti’s G.I. Tract herbal supplement to help support digestion and bowel health.

Refresh Water Frequently

Dogs need easy access to fresh water in order to replenish all the moisture they lose while running, playing, panting, and slobbering. Generally, your furry friend should drink one ounce of water for each pound of body weight per day. That amount changes depending on factors like the moisture level of her food, temperature, and her activity level.
To make things easy on you and your pup, simply keep her bowl filled with fresh water. Dump out any remaining water when you refill the bowl to keep things clean. Be sure to keep the bowl itself sanitary by running it through the dishwasher or washing it by hand regularly. This will help avoid bacteria growth, odor, and other nasty issues.

Schedule in Exercise

Along with a proper diet, daily exercise plays an essential role in your dog’s well-being. Most healthy dogs have a lot of energy that can’t simply be run off with a quick game of fetch indoors. Factors like breed, weight, and age determine whether your pup needs 30 minutes or two hours of exercise each day. Pay attention to her mood and behavior, and adjust your walks or exercise time accordingly. If she’s restless, intent on tearing up your house, or constantly trying to get outside, fit in a lengthier walk or longer stay at the dog park.
Hunting and sporting breeds need more exercise than smaller or low-energy breeds, but be careful not to overwork your fit friend. Allow your dog plenty of time to rest after an intense training or workout session in order to avoid injuries due to overexertion. Recuperate can help active dogs recover from vigorous activity such as hunting or running. Our herbal supplement also supports the natural healing process if your pup is recovering from trauma like a leg or foot injury.

Work on Training

While training is absolutely essential for puppies, even old dogs can learn new tricks. (So if you’re considering adopting an older dog, consider this the go-ahead!) With patience and consistency, you can teach your dog to do everything from simple sitting to ringing a bell when he has to go out.
Your dog’s age should determine the length of your training sessions. Puppies are easily distracted, so keep things short and sweet by practicing commands or general behavior in distinct segments. Older dogs can focus for a slightly longer period of time, but you should still stick to training one trick at a time in order for the lesson to really sink in.

Promote Your Pup’s Health with Wapiti Labs

At Wapiti Labs, our goal is to provide you with high-quality supplements and tips for keeping your pet in excellent condition, both physically and mentally. We want you to enjoy your canine companion for many years to come, so we make our pet supplements with natural ingredients like traditional herbs and elk velvet antler. Feel free to contact us today for more information on how we can help your dog live her best life!

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