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4 Perfect Toys for Large Dogs

If you’re the proud parent of a large dog, you’ve probably struggled to find toys that can withstand her tough chewing sessions. Large and giant canine breeds have incredibly powerful jaws, allowing them to chomp through hard foods—and even bones—with ease. As you can imagine, most dog toys aren’t durable enough to handle that amount of pressure, which is why they’re often reduced to little piles of felt or plush on the carpet within a few days. Fortunately, there are plenty of long-lasting playthings you can pick up for your large canine; you just have to look in the right places.
Here at Wapiti, we’re committed to supporting the strength, mobility, longevity and happiness of your canine. Our team develops a range of powerful dietary supplements that harness EVA and other natural ingredients to foster optimal health in dogs throughout every stage of life. We also create a variety of dog chews that encourage play and keep your canine entertained for hours on end. Today, to help you find the best toy for your pup, we’ll be looking into four fun and durable toys that are perfect for large dogs. But before we jump in, let’s take a moment to review why regular chewing and play sessions are so important for dogs.

The Perks of Playing & Chewing for Dogs

It’s no secret that toys are a great way to distract your large dog when she’s hunting for table scraps, but chewing and play have a greater impact on your pup’s well-being than you might realize. For example, when your dog bites down on tough materials, she scrapes plaque off her teeth and mitigates tartar buildup. That’s a key reason why most canines can get by without daily brushings. Chew toys can also reduce boredom and destructive behaviors in dogs. In fact, many pet parents use toys (along with daily exercise sessions) to keep their pups from resorting to digging or chewing on valuable items.
Now that you have a better understanding of why toys are so vital for large dogs, it’s time to look through a handful of our favorite toys for large and giant breeds.

1. The KONG Extreme Ball

KONG’s ultra-durable rubber ball is one of the hardiest dog toys on the market. Its puncture-resistant material ensures that it will hold up to the toughest chewers. One of our favorite aspects of the KONG Extreme Ball is its exceptional bounce. Large dogs love toys that move because they stimulate their inherent desire to hunt prey. Depending on how hard you throw it, this rubber ball can cover a lot of ground, making it perfect for tiring your pup out with games of fetch around the yard.
If you do decide to look into the KONG Extreme Ball, be sure to go with the medium/large size (three inches). This will ensure that your new toy is big enough to accommodate your sizable pooch. This ball is also relatively heavy, so be sure it doesn’t hit your feet when your loving companion drops it in front of you!

2. The Wapiti X-Large Whole Chew

Our X-Large Whole Chew is the perfect companion for your large dog. This whole chew is specifically designed for giant breed dogs, boasting the durability to resist even the most powerful chewers. All Wapiti Antler Chews are washed with water only, with no chemical treatments added. We responsibly harvest these chews from our own MN elk ranch, and we test each animal annually for Tuberculosis and Chronic Wasting Disease—ensuring the safety and health of your canine.
Because this antler chew is so fresh, it very rarely splinters, making it safe for your pup to chomp on for many hours. Best of all, the soft and fatty marrow inside the chew acts as a natural toothbrush, delivering additional dental support for your canine. Put simply, if you’re looking for a tasty chew toy that your dog won’t be able to resist, then this is the right product for you.

3. The Mammoth TireBiter

The Mammoth TireBiter pairs exceptional durability with interactivity, providing a completely unique play experience for your pup. This small tire is made with natural rubber, making it resistant to rough play and chewing. The toy’s one-of-a-kind design allows you to roll, tug or toss it, providing a diverse range of play options for your canine. The Mammoth TireBiter has also been tested non-toxic for dogs, making it a safe and hardy plaything for your pet.
Like the KONG Extreme Ball, the Mammoth TireBiter is a great choice if your dog enjoys chasing after moving toys. When space allows, you can roll this toy pretty far, giving your pup a nice workout as she hunts it down. Many large dog breeds have an affinity for tugging on their toys, so be sure to give this tire a shot if your pooch likes to pull objects around.

4. The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone

If you want a rubber toy that mimics the experience of chomping on a classic bone, then look no further than the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone. This incredibly durable rubber toy is pretty soft on the teeth and gums, making it a good choice for large dogs who are relatively soft chewers. But the best part of this toy is its ribbed indentations. You can actually pack the sides of this bone with treats, stimulating your dog’s puzzle-solving skills as she tries to sort out how to get them out of the toy. The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone is a natural choice if you’re looking for a toy that engages your pup’s body and mind.

Find the Perfect Toy for Your Pup With Wapiti Labs

We always recommend supervising your pet during chewing and playing with any toys. Looking for more exciting toys to encourage play in your large canine? Then be sure to call or message Wapiti today. You can also reach out for additional information on our variety of high-quality Elk Antler Chews. We’re here to provide all the support and resources you need to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy for many years to come.

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