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5 Unique Toys Your Dog Will Adore

Throwing a toy around with your pup is an absolute blast and a great bonding opportunity. More importantly, regular play sessions keep your canine’s mind and body in top form, fostering optimal health and happiness. But if you’re anything like the average pet parent, standard toys start to lose their appeal over time. You can only play fetch with a tennis ball so many times before the thrill fades for you and your dog. Luckily, there are tons of exciting pet toys out there for you and your canine to enjoy together; you just need to know what they are and where to find them.
At Wapiti Labs, our team is committed to supporting your canine’s physical and mental well-being in any way we can. That’s why we produce a wide variety of Natural dietary supplements and elk antler chews for dogs. We’re also proud to provide any information or advice pet parents need to entertain and care for their favorite four-legged companions. So today, we’ll be taking a few minutes to run through five unique toys you and your dog will adore.

1. The Mazee

The Mazee is essentially a marble tilt game for dogs. The key difference is that your pup will be shifting treats around instead of a metal ball. This puzzle toy offers hours and hours of entertainment for your canine, utilizing a transparent exterior and an interior maze to challenge your pet. While playing with this creative toy, your dog can smell, hear and see the coveted treats they’re working for, stimulating most of their senses. This experience culminates in a few tasty snacks that will get your pup excited for another crack at the Mazee. Best of all, this toy is highly durable and easy to clean, making cleanup and maintenance effortless.
Check here for more detailed information on the Mazee.

2. The KONG Jumbler

The KONG Jumbler is one of the best toys for big dogs or aggressive chewers thanks to its resilient exterior. This two-in-one toy features a large, transparent exterior ball and a small interior tennis ball, doubling your dog’s fun. The exterior ball also includes a convenient handle, allowing you to pick it up and squeak it for your pup with ease. Most pet parents use the KONG Jumbler for games of fetch with their canine, but we prefer a few rounds of Keep Away when exercising our dogs with this fun, interactive toy.
Visit here for more information on the KONG Jumbler.

3. The Chew-N-Tug 2-Knot

The Chew-N-Tug 2-Knot is a unique chew toy for medium-sized breeds. This tug-of-war toy includes a 100% cotton rope and a hardy Elk Antler Chew, making it a perfect choice for powerful chewers. Not only do Elk Antler Chews typically last much longer than rawhide bones, but their marrow acts as a natural toothbrush, meaning that this toy is a fantastic way to boost your dog’s mood and dental hygiene. Most importantly, the antlers used in Chew-N-Tug 2-Knots are naturally shed from healthy ranch-raised elk, making them a fully renewable and ethical treat for your pup.
You can learn more about the Chew-N-Tug 2-Knot here.

4. The iFetch Mini Ball Launcher

The iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher will give your throwing arm a well-deserved rest. This innovative toy launches miniature tennis balls up to ten, twenty or thirty feet, delivering an exciting fetching challenge for your canine. And if you train your dog to drop the ball into the launcher on her own, she can enjoy a stimulating session of physical and mental exercise solo while you watch on. The iFetch is durable and very quiet while running, meaning that it can handle a bit of roughhousing and won’t frighten or upset dogs who are sensitive to noise. Due to the small size of the iFetch launcher’s balls, we recommend this toy primarily for small to medium-sized breeds.
You can discover more about the iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher here.

5. The Chew-N-Tug Loop

The Chew-N-Tug Loop is another one of the best dog toys for large breeds and tough chewers. Like the Chew-N-Tug 2-Knot, this 100% cotton rope loop includes an irresistible Elk Antler Chew that dogs can’t get enough of. Because it’s designed to offer peerless durability, the Loop is a natural choice for pet parents in need of a long-lasting chew toy for their large canine. Your pup will relish the challenge of chewing through this toy for hours upon hours, making it a fantastic way to keep their body and mind stimulated.
Read up on the Chew-N-Tug Loop here.

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