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7 Cat Myths You Won’t Believe

If you have a cat or are thinking about bringing home a furry new friend, you may be worried about some of the negative connotations that come with owning a cat. But many of these stereotypes are simply false. Let’s put some of the top cat myths under the microscope and sort out what’s true and what isn’t.

Cats Have Nine Lives

Thankfully, with proper care, your cat will a much longer life. Instead of nine lives, an average cat will live 15 years (although it’s not uncommon to see them live into their twenties!). This myth most likely originated from ancient Egyptian culture where cats were viewed as godlike figures.

Cats Are Dangerous Around Infants

While cats don’t present imminent danger for your newborn, they inherently seek out warm, comfy areas. As such, your cat may curl up next to the ball of heat that is your newborn child, and may pose a risk to his breathing. They can sometimes snuggle a little too closely, and should be kept out of the nursery.

Cats and Pregnancy Do Not Mix

Toxoplasmosis is a risk for fetuses, but a pregnant woman is more likely to get infected by handling raw meat or tending her garden. Pregnant cat owners can protect themselves by having someone else clean the litter box daily.

Purring Cat is a Happy Cat

Cats’ main form of communication is through a soft purr. It’s the first sound a new kitten will make, and while yes it’s often a sign of contentment, cats can also purr when they’re experiencing pain or in the throes of death.

Cats are Nocturnal

Cats are not fully-nocturnal, but instead they are crepuscular – meaning they’re most active at twilight (the time between daylight and darkness). They are most active at this time because prey is abound and the hunting is the best. Because of the evolution of their eyes, they have excellent sight in low lighting, although they can’t see in total darkness.

Cats Always Land On Their Feet

Cats are very resilient in the face of heights. Since they’re a tree-climbing species, a cat’s ability to survive falls is a necessity. A flexible spine, great vision and great reflexes help a cat recover from high tumbles Unfortunately, they aren’t invincible and can die from unfortunate slip-ups.

Black Cats are Bad Luck

Of course black cats aren’t bad luck! There are loads of negative superstitions of black cats, all of them folklore falsities, dating back to witch hysteria in the 17th century. These cats are just as loveable and happy as a white, brown or orange cat. In fact, black cats are the least likely type of cat to be adopted. If you think this should change, visit Black Cat Rescue and make a small donation!
Cats are beautiful creatures, and they need to be treated properly. If you’re thinking about buying a new cat or are looking for more resources on pet health, stay up with the Wapiti blog to get tips, tricks and more for your feline friend!

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