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How to Be the Best Cat Parent

Your favorite feline means the world to you. Sure, she can be stubborn and sassy from time to time, but none of that matters when she’s snuggling up in your lap at the end of the night. As a dedicated cat parent, you’re always on the lookout for the best ways to keep him or her safe and happy. Regrettably, it’s almost impossible to keep pace with the ever-growing pile of pet products and feline articles emerging on the internet, making it difficult to be sure that you’re following the right steps to safeguard the health and overall wellness of your four-legged child. Are you buying the right food for them? Are they bored or lonely while you’re off at work or school? And how are you supposed to protect their joints and immune system when they transition into the later years of life?
At Wapiti Labs, we take pride in providing pet parents with all of the resources and advice they need to support their animals throughout every stage of life. That’s why we produce high-quality pet supplements that harness the power of natural ingredients to promote vitality, strength, mobility, longevity and flexibility in cats and dogs. In this blog, we’ll be discussing three excellent tactics you can use to provide the highest level of care for your feline.

1. Optimize Your Cat’s Diet

As we all know, there are hundreds of different cat food brands available for purchase, and almost all of them profess to offer the best combination of ingredients and nutritional compounds for your feline. However, the labeling on these products can be deceptive. For example, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) rules that cat food claiming to exclusively contain one type of ingredient (like beef or turkey) must only include 95% of that ingredient, allowing the producer to fill that remaining 5% with other foods. Moreover, cat food items claiming to be “flavored” with a certain type of meat need to contain only “a detectable portion” of that ingredient. Therefore, you can’t necessarily take the packaging text of cat food at face value. Fortunately, you can cut through all of this marketing language and trickery by looking directly at the food item’s listed ingredients.
According to veterinary physician Lorie Huston, one of the most important facets of cat food is its level of animal protein. She asserts that you should only purchase cat food that contains some source of animal protein and fat due to the fact that felines are obligate carnivores, meaning that their bodies require nutrients found in other animals in order to grow and function optimally. Put simply, you should invest in animal-based cat food (products that contain large amounts of chicken, fish and turkey) as opposed to plant-based foods. We also highly encourage consulting with your veterinarian when deciding on the proper foods for your kitty. These animal health experts can give you more detailed information on the specific nutrients and ingredients that your cat will need in its current stage of life. They’ll also be able to give you advice on transitioning your cat from one type of food to another if you decide to swap brands.

2. Provide Sources of Entertainment for Your Cat While You’re Away

Unfortunately, you can’t take your cat with you to work or school, but that doesn’t mean that your feline needs to spend all day bored and alone in your apartment or home. Even if you don’t have another furry companion to keep your cat company, there are all kinds of exciting toys and activities you can use to keep them entertained and satisfied throughout the day. If your cat enjoys challenges and chomping down on treats, then a food puzzle toy could be the perfect daily distraction for them. These are essentially ball-shaped objects that can be filled with food or treats. As your cat bats the ball around, it releases small portions of food for them to chow on, allowing them to play, exercise and enjoy a few snacks whenever they want. If you’re concerned about your cat eating too much or want to make sure that they won’t finish all of their treats before the day ends, you can invest in a food puzzle toy with adjustable openings. These allow you to adjust how easy it is for your cat to extract treats from the toy, ensuring that they won’t overeat or empty it out and lose interest too soon. This is just one of the many methods you can use to keep an indoor cat happy and stimulated while you’re gone, so be sure to look around online if you’re interested in exploring other options.

3. Invest in High-Quality Cat Supplements

Sadly, there comes a time in every animal’s life when their physical health begins to decline. Luckily, supplementation is an excellent way for you to care for your feline and keep them in peak condition for many years to come. High-quality cat supplements are a great boon if you’re looking to lovingly support and maintain the long-term health of your child. At Wapiti Labs, we offer a wide variety of Elk Velvet Antler supplements for cats. For example, our Vital Pet Supplement is a unique blend of EVA, citrus peels, plant roots and other natural ingredients that are specifically formulated to support liver and kidney function in cats while simultaneously maintaining joint flexibility, mobility, stamina and endurance. This supplement also supports a healthy immune system and normal blood cell health, keeping your cat’s natural defenses in great condition and keeping them safe from a variety of adverse health conditions.
Note: Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before starting your feline on any new supplement or medication regimen.

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