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3 Herbal Supplements Your Dog Needs

As a proud pet parent, you’re always looking out for the best ways to keep your canine in peak condition. After all, you want every member of your family (including the four-legged ones) to stay healthy and happy for many years to come. Fortunately, with the help of herbal supplements for pets, you can support and maintain your dog’s strength and longevity well into their golden years. However, there are so many supplement products on the market today that it can be incredibly difficult to determine which ones you should pick up for your pup, especially if you aren’t committed to a particular brand yet. In situations like these, it’s a good idea to create a list of potential pet supplements and bring it to your local veterinarian to ensure that your chosen products will work safely and effectively for your dog.
Wapiti Labs takes pride in creating optimal health for cats, dogs and humans alike through science-based supplementation. Our industry-leading elk velvet supplements for pets utilize a range of natural ingredients (including elk velvet antler) to bolster the strength, vitality, mobility and longevity of dogs and cats regardless of age. We also understand how tough it can be to parse through all of the supplementation options that pet owners have at their disposal. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to fill you in on three herbal supplements that will achieve outstanding health benefits for your canine.

1. Elk Velvet Antler Strength Supplement for Dogs

Wapiti’s herbal strength formula for dogs is designed to restore warmth and re-establish strength by leveraging the power of potent natural ingredients. This concentrated formula contains a combination of EVA and traditional herbs (including cinnamon bark, Lycium fruit and Rehmannia root) to naturally keep your dog feeling strong and healthy. Our EVA Strength supplement helps to support normal recovery after strenuous activity while maintaining normal healthy cartilage and joint function, making it a perfect choice for working, hunting or agility dogs that frequently participate in intensive workouts. Even if your pup isn’t particularly active, this supplement supports normal mental performance, invigorates the blood to encourage circulation and maintains normal function and health of the kidney and liver.
This supplement is ideal for:

  • Dogs that struggle with weakness or old age
  • Working, hunting or agility dogs
  • Puppies that fail to thrive

2. GI Tract Herbal Supplement Formula for Dogs

Many people believe that dogs have iron stomachs, but this simply isn’t the case for most canines. Certain foods can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system, leading to intense stomach discomfort due to food stagnation or the buildup of gas in the GI tract. Fortunately, with the help of Wapiti’s GI Tract supplements, you can harmonize your dog’s stomach and soothe their GI tract, mitigating food stagnation and reducing the passing of gas. This supplement is actually based on time-tested Eastern Medicine formulas for maintaining and protecting the health of the digestive system, using a number of proven natural ingredients (like coix seed, Oryza sprout, citrus peel and angelica root) to support digestion and bowel health,
manage stomach discomfort and maintain contentment during travel. Put simply, if your dog is struggling with digestion issues or gas, then this supplement is absolutely essential.
This supplement is ideal for:

  • Dogs suffering from severe gassiness
  • Dogs with digestive problems
  • Dogs experiencing stomach discomfort

3. Recuperate Herbal Supplement Formula for Dogs

Unfortunately, our lovable canine companions aren’t invincible. In fact, leg and foot injuries are incredibly common among dogs of all ages and breeds. Just one misplaced step on a sharp rock is all it takes for your dog to experience a serious paw injury. Thankfully, with the aid of Wapiti’s Recuperate formula, you can support your dog’s natural healing processes, bolstering their inflammatory response and encouraging normal recovery time. Recuperate contains a variety of high-quality natural ingredients that have been used in Eastern Medicine to support recovery for thousands of years, including amomum fruit and seed, Drynaria root and olibanum resin. Moreover, this supplement manages discomfort and tissue damage, disperses blood stagnation and helps to maintain normal disposition, making it a great boon for a wide variety of injuries that could affect your canine.
This supplement is ideal for:

  • Dogs experiencing discomfort or tissue damage from overwork or injury
  • Active dogs (such as hunting, agility and sled dogs)
  • Dogs struggling to recover from strenuous activities (such as training or running)

Note: Be sure to consult with your veterinarian whenever your dog experiences an injury. They may require more than our Recuperate formula to heal fully.

Order High-Quality Herbal Dog Supplements From Wapiti Labs Today!

Now that you have a solid understanding of some of the outstanding pet supplements we offer, it’s time to decide on a handful of potential formulas to review with the help of your veterinarian. They’ll be able to tell you which products will meet the needs of your dog and can even set you up with additional suggestions. Just remember, you should always consult with your veterinarian before starting your dog on any new supplement or medication. The best way to protect the health and overall well-being of your dog is to maintain consistent and honest lines of communication with your veterinarian. Together, the two of you can design a supplement regimen that will keep your pup running, jumping and playing with you for many more years.
Don’t hesitate to look through our full selection of herbal supplements for dogs if you’re interested in learning more about the products we’ve discussed and many others. Last but not least, feel free to call or message Wapiti Labs if you have any additional questions about our products or want more advice on how to safeguard the health and happiness of your dog. We’re always here to help.

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