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The 4 Stages of a Dog’s Life

Whether your dog is just a puppy or reaching her later years, it can be very difficult to determine the best ways to protect her health and well-being. To complicate matters even further, canines face unique challenges and health risks in each stage of their lives, ranging from weakness in puppyhood to joint issues in seniority. Fortunately, by utilizing high-quality dog supplements, you can foster strength, vitality, mobility and longevity in your lovable four-legged companion, regardless of their age or condition.
Here at Wapiti Labs, we use our passion for science-based supplementation to create optimal health for dogs and cats across the nation. Our pet-friendly supplements make use of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA), an entirely renewable health powerhouse that’s been used as a natural dietary health supplement and health treatment throughout the Eastern world for the past 2,000 years. By combining EVA with a multitude of other natural ingredients, our formulations can be used by canines and felines to promote strength, stamina and a healthy immune system. Wapiti Labs is also passionate about connecting dog owners with all of the resources and guidance they need to provide outstanding support for their companions. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to discuss the four stages of a dog’s life and which of our supplements work best for each of them.

Stage 1: Puppyhood

Puppyhood begins at birth and can last anywhere between six and 18 months. At the onset of this stage, puppies spend most of their time nursing from their mother and playing with siblings. This period of time provides them with valuable opportunities to participate in dog-dog socialization, which teaches them how to behave around other canines throughout life. After eight weeks of puppyhood, dogs are strong enough to be separated from their mothers and brought home as pets.
As soon as you adopt a puppy, it’s important to arrange a checkup with your veterinarian for key vaccinations to keep them healthy. Your veterinarian may also prescribe certain pet supplements if your puppy is struggling with weakness. For example, Wapiti’s Strength formula for dogs is a combination of natural ingredients (including EVA, cinnamon bark and Lycium fruit) designed to restore warmth and strength. It’s also incredibly effective at maintaining normal healthy cartilage, joint function and blood circulation, making it ideal for puppies that are struggling to thrive. With the help of these supplements, you can keep your dog in peak condition by supporting normal physical and mental performance.

Stage 2: Adolescence

Between six to 18 months after birth, puppies reach adolescence. Generally speaking, small breeds reach adolescence more quickly than large ones. This phase is associated with significant growth spurts and clumsy behavior as your dog grows accustomed to its rapidly changing body. This is the perfect time for them to receive obedience training and supplements to ensure they grow into healthy, strong and well-behaved adults.
If you’re interested in keeping your pup in top form as he or she approaches adulthood, then definitely consider investing in our Natural Mobility Pet Supplement for Dogs. This blend of EVA and natural herbs is formulated to support joint function and mobility for dogs in the early stages of life. Wapiti’s Mobility supplement also helps to support a healthy immune system, normal blood cell health and healthy bones and surrounding tissues, keeping your young canine in great shape and safe from a wide variety of germs and bacteria.

Stage 3: Adulthood

Adulthood in dogs begins between one to three years after birth. This phase officially occurs when a dog’s height and size reach a point that’s typical for an adult of his or her breed and sex. Although slight changes in size and shape may occur in your dog after adulthood begins, this stage usually marks the end of their growth. Adult dogs require frequent exercise and stimulating activities to keep them engaged and in high spirits.
Fortunately, dogs are usually in the best shape of their lives during adulthood. However, it’s still important for them to visit a veterinarian a few times each year to screen for adverse health conditions. You might want to consider speaking to your veterinarian about finding supplements to manage and mitigate the effects of short-term health issues, too. For instance, many adult dogs experience minor foot and paw injuries when walking or running over rough terrain. That’s where supplements that support the natural healing process come in. Our Recuperate liquid supplement manages discomfort and tissue damage, dispersing blood stagnation and supporting normal recovery time in the process, making it a great boon for dogs that commonly participate in strenuous activities (like hunting, training and running) or exercise routines.

Stage 4: Seniority

Seniority in dogs begins between six and ten years of age. Regrettably, this phase is associated with a variety of health issues, including intense joint discomfort, weakened immunity and decreased stamina. Many senior dogs have difficulty climbing up steps and jumping up on furniture or into cars due to joint pain. Geriatric canines may also experience vision problems as they enter their “Golden Years,” which is why veterinary experts often recommend providing them supplements that meet their need for additional joint, kidney and immunity support.
To help your dog resist the various health issues associated with old age, Wapiti offers Senior Mobility Pet Supplements. These formulations are designed to support joint flexibility and mobility for dogs in the last stages of life. They also contain boosted levels of ginseng, a complex natural substance that adapts to the body’s needs. Our Mobility supplements can be used to support and maintain joint health, kidney health, normal stamina and endurance, eye function and overall long-term health.

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