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Senior Dog Sunday – Meet Buddy

We would like to take the time recognize our Senior Pups on Senior Dog Sunday!! Does your Senior Pup take Mobility or Senior Mobility Supplements? We would love to share their photo, story and honor them as a Senior Dog Sunday Pup!! Please submit your pups story to to be considered!
Aging can be a tough process for pets. Just like humans, dogs have to learn to slow down as their bodies age with occasional aches and discomfort. At Wapiti Labs, we offer supplements for senior dogs to maintain their long-term health, support the flexibility and mobility of their joints, promotes cartilage development and enhances renal function.
Meet this weeks Senior Dog Buddy the Ruferee

“We love the Senior Mobility tablets for our Senior Dog Buddy. He needed an extra pep in his step so we started him on the Senior Mobility with additional ginseng, boy have we seen a difference. . He loves to play fetch everyday and once we started giving him the Senior Mobility Supplements we noticed how much easier it was for him to get up after playing and to be able to chase the wiffleball around the field, we have also noticed additional joint and mobility support, he now runs around like a pup, he is like one of the kids, busy playing! Thank you Wapiti for your great products! – Dillon”

Thank you Dillon for submitting your story on Buddy!! Buddy will be receiving a special Thank you gift, for sharing her story with us!

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