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Can Cats ingest alcohol?

Did you know that cats cannot tolerate ingesting alcohol and can easily be poisoned by it?  The rate at which a cat will be poisoned by the ethanol, a primary ingredient of alcohol, will depend on the weight of the cat.  Smaller cats, obese cats and cats that ingest alcohol on an empty stomach will suffer the effects of alcohol poisoning at a faster rate.  The amount of ethanol in an alcoholic beverage varies depending on the beverage.  Beer has 5-7% ethanol, wine 9% and whiskey, vodka and other strong alcoholic drinks can contain from 30-90% ethanol.  The type of alcoholic drink a cat consumes will determine how fast the cat will begin to suffer from alcohol poisoning.  The symptoms of alcohol poisoning will be apparent in about 30 minutes after the cat has ingested the alcohol.  Cats will appear confused, overly excited, and may begin to stagger.  If your cat exhibits these symptoms and you suspect they have ingested alcohol, please take them to a veterinarian’s office immediately.  Your veterinarian will run tests to confirm alcohol poisoning and begin treatment.
Wapiti Labs tinctures are made with glycerin rather than alcohol for this reason.  We love pets at Wapiti Labs and do everything we can to ensure that our products help them live long and happy lives.  Traditional tinctures are made with an alcohol extraction process which ensures that the medicinal properties in the herbs are assimilated in to a human or pets system as quickly as possible.  We chose to use glycerin for our extraction process, even though it takes a little more time for the medicinal properties to be assimilated in to the cats system, so there is no chance that a cat could be harmed by our products.
Please consider purchasing Wapiti Labs brand of medicinal tinctures for your cats needs.  Your cat will love you for it.

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