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Why Your Dog Needs to Chew

All dogs have an innate desire to chew. Whether it’s an old rope, a squeaky toy or your favorite pair of old sneakers, odds are good that your canine has a few items around the house that they can’t resist chomping on. And despite what you may have heard about this potentially destructive behavior, chewing is a perfectly healthy and natural activity that all dogs need to perform in order to stay happy and healthy. At Wapiti Labs, we take pride in supplying pet owners with all of the knowledge and advice they need to understand and care for their companion animals. Today, we’ll be discussing three key reasons why your dog needs to chew.

1. Chewing cleans your dog’s teeth

Have you ever wondered how dogs manage to keep their teeth (relatively) clean without daily brushings? It’s all thanks to chewing! When our pups bite down on bones or other tough materials, it actually scrapes plaque off of their teeth and helps to control tartar buildup, mitigating bad breath and your dog’s risk of developing periodontal disease (and other serious health concerns) in the process. In order to wear away at persistent plaque effectively, you’ll want to pick up a few high-quality chews that contain marrow. It will take a long time for your canine to work through them completely, and their soft and fatty marrow will act as a natural toothbrush.

2. Chewing reduces boredom and destructive behavior

Dogs who become bored have a tendency to engage in troublesome behaviors, including digging, ripping through the garbage and chewing on furniture and other valuable items in your home. That’s why it’s imperative to provide your dog with acceptable and safe activities to burn their energy on. If your four-legged friend is given the choice between a leather boot and a dog chew with marrow inside of it, they’re almost guaranteed to chow down on the latter. You can also put together an exercise routine or pick up another pet to help keep your dog distracted and content throughout the day.

3. Chewing can provide your dog with important nutrients

Antler Chews are a fantastic source of key nutrients and minerals that your dog needs to thrive. Setting your canine up with a long-lasting elk antler chew will provide them with ample amounts of calcium and phosphorous, which are essential dietary minerals for healthy bone formation, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission and cognitive function. Dogs that don’t receive enough calcium can develop skeletal abnormalities (commonly referred to as rickets) and bones that are soft, thin and brittle. Picking up antler chews for your dog is an excellent way to prevent these serious health conditions and keep them entertained at the same time.

Order Dog Chews From Wapiti Labs Today

Here at Wapiti Labs, we understand that every dog has their own tastes and preferences, which is why we create elk antler chews in a wide range of textures and sizes. We offer four-inch split chews for small breeds and soft chewers, extra large eight-inch chews for large and giant breed dogs and even tug-of-war ropes that contain chew for medium breed dogs. Be sure to check out our shop for more information on these incredible products and many others.
If you aren’t sure which antler chew will work best for your dog or have any questions about us, then don’t hesitate to call or message us today.

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