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Everything You Need to Know About Cat Mobility

We all want our cats to be mobile and enjoy life for as long as possible, and sometimes they need a little help with that. As cats age, they tend to slow down due to natural wear and tear or illness. One of the first signs of aging in a cat is lessened mobility.
There are any number of maladies that can cause lessened mobility in cats young and old. And when trying to combat this troubling side effect, there are many ways you can go about supporting your cat’s decreased mobility.
At Wapiti Labs, we work to combine science and nature in the pursuit of creating the most effective natural pet supplements possible. Our supplements have been formulated to support a wide range of common ailments, such as mobility, longevity, and flexibility. We’ve worked hard to find the perfect sweet spot where natural pet remedies and science collide.

The Secret to Our Mobility Supplements: EVA and Other Natural Ingredients

Elk Velvet Antler, or EVA, has been used by many for thousands of years. Being popular in both traditional Eastern medicine as well as Western practices, EVA is a natural resource that can be sourced sustainably and used to boost many bodily functions as well as performance, such as strength, stamina, and the immune system.
But at Wapiti Labs, we don’t stop with just EVA; we use a whole host of natural ingredients to craft our powerful healing supplements. Amongst them ginseng root, Lycium fruit, Morinda root, and citrus peels. Each of these ingredients was chosen for its potential to help a cat with mobility issues and related health concerns.
Citrus Peels: While many know that fresh fruit has many health benefits, those same consumers might be surprised to hear that the peels of their favorite fruits can provide a host of benefits. Citrus peels contain both vitamin C and potassium, making them a potent force when it comes to supporting your cat’s immune system and keeping her blood pressure in check, both of which are essential factors when addressing mobility concerns.
Morinda Root: While the Morinda Root may have an odd name, it’s a common ingredient in many of today’s tonic herb mixtures as well as in Traditional Chinese medicines. Typically, Morinda Root is used to support kidney function and the body’s immune system.
Lycium Fruit: Lycium fruit is another ingredient that we use to help battle mobility issues in cats that most are unfamiliar with. The Lycium fruit is a small red berry that contains powerful antioxidants. These properties work to support your cat’s inflammation response which in turn increases longevity and works to promote the immune system.
Ginseng Root: Ginseng root is a powerful, multiuse ingredient that can provide a cat with any number of benefits. Ginseng is unique in that it adapts to fit the needs of your cat. From supporting bleeding disorders, heart conditions, colitis, and immune system disorders, to assisting with your cat’s mobility-related health concerns, this powerful root can do wonders for your cat.

Find the Right Mobility Supplements for Your Cat with Wapiti

While we have numerous supplements that can positively affect your cat’s health, our ReVitalize and Vital supplements have been specifically tailored to help cats young and old address mobility issues. Both of our formulas have been created using natural, wholesome ingredients to help promote the long-term health of your cat.
We made ReVitalize specifically for senior pets while the Vital supplement has been geared towards cats in the first stage of their life. The Vital supplement has been formulated to support your young cat’s joint flexibility and mobility as well as its liver and kidney function. Ideal for cats who are unhappy due to health issues, in the first stage of life, or that are affected by cold, damp weather, the Vital supplement works to maintain your cat’s mobility and boost her natural defenses to keep her active for years to come.
The ReVitalize supplement is for the cats that are currently enjoying their golden years. This formula is ideal for pet owners who are looking to support their cat’s mobility in the second stage of their life. With a natural blend of EVA and additional herbs, the ReVitalize supplement is perfect for senior cats. If your senior cat is unhappy due to health issues, has slowed down in her golden years, or is affected by cold and damp weather then ReVitalize may be right for you.
If you’d like to learn more about how the Wapiti ReVitalize or Vital supplements, or any of our other natural healing formulas can work to help your cat with mobility or any other pressing health concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experts would be more than happy to walk you through your many pet supplemental options.

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