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Ginseng: Your Dog’s Ticket to Optimal Health

Plants and herbs are the foundation of today’s modern medicine. Cultures around the globe have been using ingredients that they’ve found in nature to relieve their common ailments since the beginning of time. When it was discovered how well these plants could benefit humans, the conclusion was eventually made that the same plants that were aiding people with their muscle and joint issues, and more, could be used on animals; or more specifically, pets.
Today, there are hundreds of pet supplements available, and each one contains its own unique blend of herbs, fruits, and vitamins. While this copious availability means that it is easier than ever before for pet owners to find supplements for their furry family members, it does make it a little harder when deciding which ingredients your dog needs in his supplements. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when searching online for a supplement for your dog. While reading product descriptions and web pages, you’ll probably find yourself asking, which of these formulas are natural? Are all of these ingredients pet-friendly? Does my dog really need this? And, which supplement will be beneficial for my dog during each stage of his life?
At Wapiti Labs, we only have one goal; to improve the health and happiness of your pet through unwavering dedication and science-based supplementation. We don’t get swept up in fads or trends. Each ingredient included in a Wapiti product has been chosen for its scientifically proven positive effects on dogs. One such ingredient is ginseng.

What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a very popular commodity and is used all over the globe, in fact, this root is one of the most popular herbal medicines to date. With a history spanning back thousands of years, ginseng is revered by most for its ability to adapt to a body’s needs. Ginseng, or ginseng root, is a slow-growing perennial that belongs to the genus Panax of the Araliaceae family. This fleshy root is found in North America, northeast China, Korea, Bhutan, and eastern Siberia. Ginseng is a plant that typically thrives in cooler climates.

How Ginseng Can Affect Your Dog

This unique root has been used to support bleeding disorders, immune system disorders, and more. Ginseng has also been shown to have properties that may boost and support immune function and metabolism. Additionally, ginseng is highly sought after for its ability to provide an energy boost that will keep your dog energized and alert all day long.
At Wapiti, when we pair ginseng with Elk Velvet Antler, our supplements are able to promote natural energy, aid in joint structure muscle health, and provide immune support and antioxidant protection as mentioned above. Elk Velvet Antler is supported by the Food and Drug Administration as a daily supplement to provide support for joint structure function.

Finding Ginseng at Wapiti

We only make our supplements from all-natural, pure ingredients, which is why our Mobility and Senior Mobility supplements are made with a powerful combination of ginseng and other natural ingredients. The partnership has resulted in adaptive and complex supplements that can support your dog throughout its entire life; from his earliest puppy days to his golden years. We are proud to say that our ginseng supplements have become the supplements of choice for alternative medicine practitioners across the country to support joint pain, surgery recovery, lack of energy, and so much more.
Our mobility supplements provide a variety of benefits for pups, including supporting the immune system, connective tissue health, joint support, stamina, endurance, bone health, and more. The Elk Velvet Antler Mobility Supplement is for young or active dogs while the Senior Mobility supplement is for dogs in their golden years. These supplements are ideal for active pets such as hunting or performance dogs.

Get the Ginseng Your Dog Needs at Wapiti

Ginseng has many benefits, and when it comes to taking care of your dog, few things are as easy to incorporate into their lives as a once-daily supplement. We know that each dog is unique, that’s why we’ve created a variety of all-natural ginseng supplements to keep your dog happy and healthy. Each Wapiti supplement has been engineered to provide support in different areas, so you’re sure to find the supplement you or your pets need among our catalog. Have questions about ginseng supplements? Feel free to give us a call or send us a message and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you find anything that you’re looking for.

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