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Guide to Helping a Sick Dog

Taking care of a sick dog is no mean feat, particularly if you haven’t identified what it’s suffering from yet. Fortunately, minor health problems like stomach discomfort or general weakness can be effectively dealt with using high-quality pet supplements. For example, Wapiti Labs offers a special herbal supplement formula that’s specifically designed to help dogs recuperate by managing discomfort and supporting their natural healing process. However, depending on how severe your canine’s condition is, you may need to take further action to ensure a speedy recovery. Today, we’ll walk you through the process of helping your canine when it’s experiencing health issues.

Step 1: Contain your dog in a warm and safe space.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to protect your dog by putting it in a safe and heated indoor area. If you leave your dog outside or in an uncontrolled location, it may run away or get into something that could exacerbate its symptoms. Find an unused room in your house that’s easily accessible and move your pet’s food and water dish inside of it. A few soft blankets or a doggy bed wouldn’t hurt either. If all else fails, you can section off a part of your garage as well. Just make sure to clear out any dangerous chemicals or substances first.

Step 2: Determine how sick your dog is.

Now that your favorite four-legged friend is safe and cozy, let’s try to assess the severity of its illness. If you’ve noticed a significant change in activity levels, sleeping habits, or water consumption, odds are good that your dog needs to see a vet as soon as possible. Excessive coughing, labored breathing, bloody urine, or violent head shaking are also telltale signs of a dog in need of medical aid. You can also make use of a few reliable online sources to determine how serious your dog’s symptoms are. When in doubt, play it safe and assume that your dog needs to visit the vet.
Note: Never feed your dog human medication, especially painkillers, without consulting with a vet first. Believe it or not, most human meds are incredibly poisonous to pets.

Step 3: Create a treatment plan with your veterinarian.

If your dog’s symptoms persist longer than 24 hours, then you should definitely arrange a checkup. Your vet will be an unbeatable source of advice and support as you sort through treatment options and supplement regimens for your dog, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions or concerns throughout this stressful process. Vets can also recommend trusted health products and provide helpful tips on convincing your dog to take its medication.
Note: Even if your dog recovers from its symptoms within a day, call your vet and let them know about all of the problems it was experiencing. These “minor” conditions might be preludes to a more serious health issue that your vet can head off at the pass.

Step 4: Follow through with your treatment plan.

OK, so you’ve pinned down a perfect treatment plan with your vet. Now all you have to do is stick to it like glue. Depending on your dog’s symptoms, it may be difficult to feed it medication or supplements, especially if it’s struggling to keep food down or refusing to eat. One of the easiest ways to rectify this issue is by hiding your pet’s medicine inside of tasty treats with powerful smells. Regardless of how sick they are, very few canines have the willpower to resist a fresh sausage or delicious piece of chicken!
However, some types of canine medication can’t be taken with food. It’s certainly more challenging to directly administer pills and liquid medicine to your dog, but not impossible. This article should give you all of the advice you need. As always, reach out to your vet for help if you run into trouble. Above all else, stay positive and remain diligent. Your pup will be back in peak condition before you know it.

Step 5: Use pet supplements to prevent future complications

Once your dog kicks its bug, we can focus on enhancing its overall well-being to prevent future medical problems. Supplements are a fantastic way to protect your pet’s health as it ages. In fact, Wapiti Labs produces a unique senior mobility supplement that helps to support the joint flexibility and mobility of senior dogs. This formula also fosters a strong immune system and normal blood cell health to keep your canine from getting sick again.
Call or message us today to ensure that your dog stays strong and happy for many years to come.

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