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Should You Invest in Strength Supplements for Your Cat?

As a pet owner, it’s your duty to provide your furry friend with everything he needs to thrive. There are a wide variety of ways to keep your pet healthy and happy, from providing different enrichment activities to finding and feeding him his favorite brand of food. Maybe you’ve already found your perfect routine, but there are always new toys, treats, and methods of supporting your pet’s health to try out. You may just find a new habit or trick that makes all the difference!
Are you looking for an additional way to help your cat stay in great shape? Consider introducing a strength supplement into her diet to give her the additional boost she needs to live a comfortable, active life. Here’s some information on what strength supplements are, and how they can help your feline friend stay vitalized and happy for years to come.

What are Strength Supplements?

In an ideal world, a pill would fix any and all health problems right away. Even better, our pets would live forever and would never get sick in the first place! Unfortunately, we’re not living in that world. Pets can’t live as long as us, so it’s up to their owners to keep them in good health. That means taking them to the vet when they come down with a cold or other illness, but also taking time each day to make sure they have everything they need to stay in great condition.
At Wapiti Labs, we’re passionate about making the years that we do have with our beloved companions ones to remember. Preventative care plays a huge role in the quality of your cat’s life over time. High-quality, natural supplements can add to the healthy practices you already have in place for your cat.
Your cat’s joints are essential to easy movement, like climbing stairs or jumping onto the couch to snuggle with you. They allow your cat to explore the top of your fridge or leap across the room to surprise your dog. But as felines age, their cartilage and joints begin to break down. This can lead to loss of mobility, inflammation, and pain.
Using nutrient-rich ingredients like elk velvet antler and traditional herbs, all of Wapiti’s pet supplements are specially formulated to support a wide range of bodily functions and systems in cats and dogs, from the immune system to lung function. A strength supplement works to maintain cartilage and joint function, helping your cat stay strong and mobile.
Here are some of the ways Wapiti’s Strength supplement can help your kitty stay in peak physical condition:

  • Maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function
  • Invigorate blood and encourage circulation
  • Support normal recovery time
  • Help keep cats in peak physical condition
  • Support normal kidney and liver function

Are They Right for My Cat?

Supplements and vitamins are not all created equal. But supplements like Wapiti’s Strength, made with natural ingredients, can help cats enjoy life for years to come. Strength isn’t just for geriatric cats, either—it can support the health of cats at any stage of life.

Weak Cats

Does your feline companion seem uncharacteristically weak? Reinvigorate her with Strength! This herbal supplement is formulated to put the pep back in her step and help her recover her energy. Just be sure to speak with your vet before introducing any supplement to your cat’s diet. He or she may also want to do a quick check-up with your kitty to rule out any underlying health problems that may be contributing to her slump.

Cats that are Slowing Down

If your normally playful cat seems to be losing her adventurous personality, don’t despair. If the change comes as she matures from a kitten to a cat, it’s possible that she’s just growing into her true adult personality. She may also just be slowing down as she ages. Wapiti’s Strength can aid in recovery while promoting cartilage and joint movement, reinvigorating your kitty and leaving her ready to explore bookshelves and countertops low and high.

Keep Your Kitty Healthy and Strong with Wapiti’s Supplements for Cats

At Wapiti Labs, we believe in a proactive approach to pet health. Instead of addressing injuries and other issues only as they arise, head them off by keeping your feline friend in the best possible shape, both physically and mentally. Our assortment of natural herbal supplements can help support normal organ function and ease symptoms of issues like allergies and anxiety. Contact us today to learn more about how Wapiti supplements can positively impact your cat’s health.

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