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Is Thanksgiving Dinner Safe for My Dog?

With the holidays just around the corner, it is common for people to share some of their table fare with their pets. Unfortunately, it’s also common to see an increase in urgent care visits to veterinary practices nationwide. While some foods from your holiday meal are okay to share with Fido in moderation, there are many you should steer clear of.

Turkey Meat is Safe for Dogs

Let’s start with the main course. Turkey meat is safe for dogs, but don’t give your pet the skin or drippings. These are too rich and can give your dog acute pancreatitis. You might be thinking about giving your dog the big juicy bone from the drumstick. Don’t. It’s not worth the risk. Instead, offer them an Elk Antler Chew.

What Vegetables are Safe for Dogs?

So long as the vegetables you are serving your dog have nothing added (no salt, butter, or spices), you can share them with your pet. Also, avoid mushrooms, some of which have been known to cause liver and kidney toxicity in dogs.

Because garlic and onions are toxic to dogs, don’t offer your dog anything that has them in the ingredients (including garlic or onion powder). This means no stuffing or green bean casserole for your dog.

Can My Dog Eat Pumpkin Pie?

Plain, cooked, fresh pumpkin is fine to feed to dogs. It even works well in small amounts to combat both diarrhea and constipation. But pumpkin pie filling often includes Xylitol, which is very toxic for canines. Pumpkin pie also contains nutmeg, which is not safe for your pet. It is hallucinogenic to dogs and can cause seizures, tremors, vomiting, and even death. So it is better to be safe and stay away from the pie.

Some Safe Sides for Your Dog This Thanksgiving

Fresh, cooked sweet potatoes have the same nutritional benefits for dogs as people. Give your pet a small amount with no added butter, sugar, or marshmallow. Your dog might enjoy a few fresh cranberries. Avoid giving them canned cranberries because they are high in sugar content.

What Can My Dog Eat For Thanksgiving? A Graphic To Help You With What A Dog Can And Cannot Eat!

If Your Dog Overdoes It, Wapiti Labs Can Help

Keep the phone number of the Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661), as well as the number and address of your local emergency veterinarian, in the phones of every household member.

And should your dog overdo it this Thanksgiving, offer them the relief of Wapiti Labs GI Tract Herbal Supplement for Dogs. It naturally reduces occasional stomach discomfort for dogs.

Soothe your dog’s upset stomach with this natural herbal supplement based on time-tested, traditional Eastern Holistic formulas. Our concentrated liquid formula harmonizes the stomach.

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  • Reduces stomach discomfort due to the buildup of gas in the stomach
  • It helps support digestion and bowel health
  • It helps maintain contentment during travel
  • Harmonizes the stomach
  • Soothes and protects the GI tract
  • It helps to resolve food stagnation in the stomach resulting from undigested food.
  • Reduces passing of gas
  • Available as a concentrated liquid formula. It is made without synthetic ingredients. We use a proprietary processing method. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

And don’t forget your kitties this holiday season. We offer a GI Tract Herbal Supplement for Cats, as well. Please do not give the dog GI tract to your cat!

We are thankful for our customers and our four-legged friends this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving from Wapiti Labs Inc.!

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