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Is Your Dog Ready for Hunting Season?

Get Your Dog To Peak Hunting Performance

Minnesota hunting season has begun, or depending on what you hunt, it could be around the corner. Whatever state you live in, we know your dogs make great companions, but they can be especially helpful when you go hunting. Make sure you are doing everything to keep your dog happy, healthy, and ready for the jobs needed to be a great hunting dog. Here are our tips to make sure your dog is ready for hunting season!

Feed Your Dog Well (But Not Too Much)

Start with a nutritious, high-quality diet year-round for your hunting dog. A great diet will give your dog the foundation they need to do the work. This also means making sure they maintain a healthy weight. Allowing them to gain excess weight during the off-season will only make things more difficult for them when it is time to get back into shape for hunting season. 

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Exercise

Anyone who has tried to get in shape knows that exercise is part of the package. It is most difficult at the beginning of the season. You remove those peaks and valleys by continuing to offer your dog physical activity during the off-season. Regular exercise will result in a healthier dog that can focus on hunting rather than just trying to keep up. Then, 8-12 weeks before the season begins, get them into prime condition.

Train for Steadiness

Rather than throwing bumper after bumper, train your dog to only retrieve on command. You need to teach your dog to listen to you. It will be essential later on when hunting. Fire multiple shots from various locations and only throw the bumper out every few shots. 

If you are working with more than one dog simultaneously, only allow only one dog to retrieve at a time. Have your dog sit on buckets or in hides to simulate the hunting experience.

Birds are Best For Hunting Dogs

Your dog will need to get used to the scent and appearance of real birds rather than just bumpers. Since not all states allow the use of birds, be familiar with your state’s laws concerning training dogs for hunting. Here are the 2021 Minnesota Statutes. In Minnesota, the use of pigeons is permitted. Domesticated birds, other than pigeons and game farm birds used for trials or training, must be clearly marked with dye or a streamer attached to a leg to make them visually identifiable before being taken. If you can’t use a real bird, you can tape waterfowl wings to a bumper. This will be a far better simulation for the dog.

Fire Your Weapon-A Lot

It is essential that your dog be accustomed to gunfire. So when you are training, shoot your gun often so that they know that it is normal and they can remain steady until you send them to retrieve.

Get in the Water

Get your dog in the boat and in the water. This will be their lifestyle during hunting season, so get them ready for it now. Swimming is also the perfect low-impact exercise for them. They can build muscle mass and endurance without putting pressure on their joints. And because the water is cool, they won’t overheat.

Vet Visits and Safety Gear

For prevention and peace of mind, See your vet annually to ensure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations. In addition, get them the monthly medication that prevents heartworm and tickborne illnesses. This is also a great time to talk to your vet about any concerns you may have about your dog’s health. 

Keep your dog safe this hunting season with a bright orange vest and a GPS collar. If your dog isn’t microchipped yet, consider having it done. Then, if they go missing in the field or in your neighborhood, they will be easy to identify and return to you. 

Natural Supplement for Strength

Give your dog every advantage this hunting season with Wapiti Labs Elk Velvet Antler Strength Supplement for Dogs. Specially formulated to help maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function while encouraging circulation, it is the ideal supplement to keep dogs warm and at peak performance during hunting season.

Ideal For Hunting Dogs 

  • Invigorates blood and encourages circulation to keep your dog warm
  • Supports recovery time after strenuous activities like hunting
  • Helps keep dogs in peak condition for hunting trips
  • Supports physical and mental performance 

There are no synthetic ingredients, and it is made in the U.S.A., so you can feel good about giving your dog the best. We are always happy to talk to you about our products. Contact us today!

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