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How to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy in the Winter

What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog? Hiking? Hunting? A game of fetch? Those fun times require a wide range of movements from your furry friend like running, digging, and jumping. For all of that to go smoothly, your canine’s joints need to work correctly. Supporting dog joint health is essential in pups of all ages, since the stress recreation puts on those joints can cause problems like ACL tears and inflammation. It’s particularly important to keep an eye on this factor of your dog’s health during the cold winter months when it becomes all too easy for him to slip on a patch of ice or tear a muscle. We’ve put together a guide to supporting your dog’s joint health during the winter, so that you and your canine can enjoy the cold weather together!  

Protecting Younger Dogs

Prevention is an ideal way to help dogs avoid developing health issues as they age, so it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting their joints. Be sure that your furry friend is eating a nutritious diet appropriate for her age, whether she’s a puppy or a young dog. Additionally, make sure that she’s getting enough exercise, even as the weather worsens. When it’s too cold to venture outdoors, play tug-of-war or fetch in an open area of your home. And when it is nice enough to stroll outside, let her romp in the snow to her heart’s content–so long as she’s wearing proper protective gear like a sweater or booties!
Natural supplements are another great way to support your growing dog and keep her in peak physical condition. Wapiti Labs’ Strength is specially formulated for recovery support, occasional discomfort, overwork and highly active dogs. The blend of elk velvet antler and traditional herbs restores warmth and helps maintain normal healthy joint and cartilage function while improving circulation.


Keeping Sporting Dogs in Shape

Winter can be rough on everybody, and it can be particularly dangerous for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, training, or competing. Highly active canines are usually in great physical shape, but that high level of activity can also cause a lot of wear and tear on their joints and eventually lead to health issues. Make sure you’re not overworking or over-exercising your dog, particularly in cold weather when she can easily get dehydrated or injured. If you’re spending time in the woods or another snowy, icy area, make sure you’re familiar with the terrain. Be cautious wherever you are, as snow and fallen leaves can conceal unexpected divots and potholes.
Highly active pups like hunting dogs, agility dogs, and sled dogs need all the support they can get in their high-demand activities. Mobility daily supplement provides joint support while also maintaining connective tissue health and normal stamina and endurance. And when it’s time for a break, help your dog recover from vigorous activity with Recuperate. This liquid supplement supports the natural healing process, and is great for dogs dealing with discomfort or healing from tissue damage after injury.


Caring for Aging Dogs

It can be a challenge to watch our furry friends grow old, because old age eventually brings a variety of health issues no matter how carefully we care for them. But it can also be endlessly rewarding to help them comfortably through their golden years. As temperatures drop, observe your senior and get familiar with how easily she moves around. Older dogs often suffer from occasional joint stiffness that can get more painful with cold weather, so you might notice her moving more slowly or with some stiffness. Help maintain joint flexibility with Senior Mobility, specially formulated for senior dogs with higher levels of ginseng for additional support.    

You can also take some practical precautions to minimize the risk of injury outdoors during the winter. Be on the lookout for patches of ice and other slippery conditions when you take your dog outside, and minimize his chance of slipping by salting your sidewalks and other exterior surfaces. If you notice your dog is having difficulty climbing steps or stairs, consider installing a ramp to help her make the trip.

Promoting Your Canine Companion’s Health with Wapiti

At Wapiti, we’re passionate about helping you improve and maintain your dog’s health, from her puppy stages to her senior years. Our natural herbal supplements are specially formulated to aid in a range of bodily processes, from kidney function to circulation. With ingredients like elk velvet antler and traditional herbs, our products can put you at ease when it comes to supporting your companion’s health, so you won’t find yourself awake at odd hours of the night googling, “how to help my dog’s joints!”

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