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Natural Supplements an Outdoor Cat Needs

An outdoor cat is one of the most independent and low-maintenance pets you can have. In fact, some outdoor felines are so self-sufficient that they can hunt for their own food! You’ll know that your kitty is one of these special pets if you walk outside to find his or her food bowl untouched and a few grisly trophies (usually the body of a mouse or a bird) on your porch steps. However, that’s not to say that your outdoor cat doesn’t need help from time to time. Of course, all outdoor cats need specific vaccinations to keep them safe from serious diseases. You should also take the time to ensure your cat has very limited exposure to roads or interactions with wild animals or unfriendly neighborhood pets. But what about nasty weather, allergies, digestive issues and the host of other factors that can lessen your feline’s quality of life?
Here at Wapiti Labs, we’re passionate about supporting the strength, health and general well-being of every cat and dog regardless of where or how they live. That’s why we develop natural pet supplements that combine the power of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) and potent herbs to foster optimal vitality, longevity, mobility and flexibility in companion animals. Thanks to our tireless dedication to improving and maintaining the health of our favorite four-legged friends, we’ve become the supplement provider of choice for proud pet parents across the nation. Our passionate team of animal experts values the happiness and safety of your kitty just as much as you do, which is why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to discuss four Wapiti cat supplements that every outdoor feline should use.


Strength is an extraordinary blend of EVA, Morinda root, cinnamon bark, Lycium fruit, Cuscuta seed and other natural ingredients. It’s designed to restore warmth and re-establish strength in cats when they slow down or seem weak. This formulation helps to maintain healthy cartilage and joint function in felines, invigorating blood, encouraging circulation and encouraging normal function of the kidneys and liver. Strength also supports the body’s natural recovery process, making it a massive boon if your lovable pet experiences a minor injury while they’re out hunting and playing around the great outdoors. Put simply, if you’re looking for a product that will keep your outdoor cat in peak condition and ready for anything, then Strength is a perfect choice.


Outdoor cats depend on their powerful limbs to navigate throughout their environment and catch prey, which is why it’s imperative to keep your feline’s joints in top form at all times. Vital for cats utilizes EVA and a variety of traditional herbs (including Morinda root, citrus peels and untreated barley sprouts) to foster healthy liver and kidney function, joint flexibility and connective tissue, effectively boosting your kitty’s stamina and endurance when they feel weak. Moreover, Vital’s blend of natural ingredients supports normal blood cell health and a solid immune system, keeping your pet safe from the wide variety of potential illnesses and other health issues. Most importantly, Vital contains ginseng, a supremely powerful substance that adapts to whatever needs the body has. The versatility of Vital makes it a great tool for any outdoor cat, particularly if they suffer from health issues or are easily affected by cold, damp weather.

GI Tract

One of the biggest difficulties with owning an outdoor cat is that you can’t control exactly what they get their paws on. And while removing any poisons or toxic substances from your property can prevent most issues, felines have a penchant for chomping on a wide variety of indigestible items. Most indoor cat owners with destroyed shoelaces or chewed up cords can attest to that fact! Luckily, Wapiti’s GI Tract supplement is here to help. This unique blend of coix seeds, magnolia bark, Pueraria root and other natural herbs is a unique variant of a time-tested stomach health formula from Eastern Medicine. GI Tract effectively reduces stomach discomfort while soothing and protecting the GI tract, a useful trait for outdoor cats who just can’t resist chomping on “foods” they shouldn’t. If your outdoor cat eats grass, tries to swallow indigestible foreign materials or just needs a general boost in digestion support, then GI Tract is the way to go.


There’s nothing worse than calling over your outdoor kitty for pets and discovering that he or she is suffering from a runny nose, weeping eyes or a serious respiratory issue. Regrettably, pets are just as susceptible to allergies as we are, making them a very potent threat to outdoor animals. Wapiti’s Chest formula addresses these issues by clearing and expanding the chest, drawing out moisture and supporting respiratory function. This process warms the lungs, harmonizes the stomach and allows for easier breathing, making Chest a fantastic option for cats with allergies or runny noses, ears and eyes.
Note: Be sure to check in with your veterinarian before starting your outdoor cat on any new supplement regimen. This local animal expert should be your first and best source of counsel on finding the right supplements for the health needs of your specific animal.

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Interested in picking up some of these supplements for your cat or learning more about Wapiti Labs? Then be sure to call or message us! We would love to chat with you and discuss what we can do to keep your outdoor kitty safe and happy for many, many years to come. Also, please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about outdoor cat supplements or discover other ways to care for your feline friend. We’re always here to help.

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