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Preventing Leg and Foot Injuries in Dogs

You’ve probably enjoyed watching your dog run after a ball, dig a hole in the dirt, or roll around on his back. Beyond that, dogs can accomplish some incredible feats of athleticism, like snatching a frisbee out of the air, leaping off a dock, or retrieving a hunted bird. In spite of all this, your dog’s body isn’t invincible. His limbs in particular are prone to injuries from all sorts of activities. Even just running around the house or jumping off a couch can cause injury, depending on your dog’s breed, age, and individual characteristics. Here’s a basic guide to leg and foot injuries, so you can be better prepared to protect your furry friend.

Types of Leg and Foot Injuries

There are several different ways your dog can hurt her legs or paws. Some of these injuries can end up being causes of limping or further complications. The biggest takeaway here is that you should visit your vet if you suspect your dog might be suffering from any of the following wounds.

Causes of Leg and Foot Injuries

It’s impossible to be all-knowing, and you won’t be able to protect your pet from every possible harm. In all honesty, your canine could get hurt simply slipping on the tile floor of your home. But there are certain areas and issues you can make yourself aware of, in order to be prepared to keep your dog safe when dealing with these situations.

Sharp Surfaces or Debris

Your dog’s paws aren’t necessarily as protective as your sturdy hiking boots are. When you step on a sharp stick, you might feel it snap beneath your shoes and think nothing of it. But when your dog steps on the same stick, she might cut her paw or get a splinter.

Hot or Cold Surfaces

Extreme temperatures can have an impact on the ground, depending on whether you’re walking on dirt, asphalt, or concrete. If the weather is too cold, your dog’s paws could end up with frostbite. On the other hand, if the sun has made it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, think about how hot it must feel on your pup’s feet!


A regular amount of exercise can do great things for your dog, from toning and strengthening muscles to helping with weight loss. But there’s such a thing as too much exercise. Repeatedly putting stress on an area can lead to muscle trauma, such as a torn ACL. It can also occur if you haven’t taken the time to make sure your dog is warmed up for the physical activity.

Protecting Your Canine from Leg and Foot Injuries

Know the Terrain and the Weather

If you’re not familiar with the area you and your dog are in, be cautious. Pay careful attention to the temperature, weather, and surfaces you traverse while on a walk or hike. Overgrown trails can be tricky to navigate, hiding sharp sticks and roots just waiting to trip you or your dog up.You don’t want your dog to get hurt, and you certainly don’t want to hurt yourself! Prepare for your outing properly by packing the right gear. Consider purchasing dog booties designed for cold weather, and be sure to scan the ground ahead for potential dangers as you walk.

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Visit Your Vet Regularly

Make sure to stay up to date on your dog’s checkups. Communicate with your vet to find out exactly how often you should be bringing your dog in to be examined. When your vet is familiar with your dog, he or she will ideally be able to identify and treat any potential areas for concern before they turn into full-blown problems. Left untreated, leg or foot injuries can lead to chronic pain and even lameness or permanent joint damage. If your dog does get hurt, take him to your vet immediately.

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