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Senior Dog Sunday – Teddy the Wonderdog

We would like to take the time recognize our Senior Pups on Senior Dog Sunday!! Does your Senior Pup take Mobility or Senior Mobility Supplements? We would love to share their photo, story and honor them as a Senior Dog Sunday Pup!! Please submit your pups story to to be considered!
Aging can be a tough process for pets. Just like humans, dogs have to learn to slow down as their bodies age and their joints start to ache. At Wapiti Labs, we offer supplements for senior dogs to maintain their long-term health, support the flexibility and mobility of their joints, promotes cartilage development and enhances renal function.

“Meet Teddy, our Senior Sunday highlight! He is a pit-mix and was dropped at the humane society by the only owners he had ever known. He was in rough shape; he could barely walk, and he was heartbroken. The humane society reached out to Lisa and told her Teddy’s story. Knowing how hard it is to get a senior dog adopted – let alone a pit bull – she came to the facility to meet Teddy…and adopted him!

Lisa took Teddy to her trusted vet, Dr. Ricci from Belle Plaine Animal Hospital, who recommended the Sr. Mobility for Teddy’s stiff hips and joints. Today, Teddy is happy and healthy; and just recorded a 2.2 mile walk and has no intention of slowing down! Witnessing firsthand how it helped Teddy, they now have Teddy’s brother, Ralph (11) and sister, Jade (7.5) on Sr. Mobility for maintenance.

A BIG THANK YOU to Lisa, who took it upon herself to adopt a senior pet who clearly needed special attention and lots of love.
PLEASE consider adopting an older pet – they are never too old to be loved!!”

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