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Supporting Your Canine’s Respiratory System

Your dog’s respiratory system is a work of art. Composed of multiple parts, the respiratory system is responsible for your pet’s breathing and cooling. When most people think of the respiratory system, they’re able to recall (for the most part) that it includes the nose, mouth, lungs, larynx, bronchi, and trachea. But when it comes to taking care of this vital system, many pet lovers are left stumped. That’s right, just like their stomach, muscles, or joints, your pet could benefit from additional respiratory system support. That’s where Wapiti comes in.
We’ve been making natural supplements for pets for years, with one of our most popular products being our Chest herbal supplement. This handcrafted supplement was created to support your dog’s respiratory system through data-supported natural herbs and substances. We take pet health seriously, which is why we’ve created an entire lineup of natural pet supplements to help your dog live the best life possible.

Why Respiratory Health Is so Important in Dogs

As we mentioned above, the respiratory system handles two of your pet’s most important bodily functions: breathing and cooling. The respiratory system is not like your dog’s eyesight or coordination; it kicks in fully once your puppy takes its first breath. While it may be weaker in the beginning, the system doesn’t need a few weeks to develop like other bodily functions.
However, the time right after birth is a dangerous one for your pup as far as her respiratory systems goes. During this time, your puppy’s respiratory system is not fully developed, leaving it open to disease. That’s why it’s so important to mind your pet’s respiratory system while she’s young. It can be easy for a young pup to contract a respiratory disease, and it’s very tough to get rid of that disease once it takes hold.
The same is true for older dogs. Once a dog reaches its golden years, its immune system will start to wane. Just like when they were puppies, older dogs can become highly susceptible to respiratory disease at this stage of their life. Through chronic degenerative change (the natural breakdown of an animal’s internal systems), the lungs in older dogs can become especially vulnerable to respiratory disease.

The Most Common Types of Respiratory Diseases

There are many, many types of respiratory diseases, from flu-like viruses to breathing conditions like asthma. Since the respiratory system is so vast, the number of respiratory diseases is exceedingly large as well. Below are just a few of the most common respiratory diseases in dogs.
Canine Rhinovirus: In humans, this is more commonly known as a cold. That’s right, dogs can get colds. Typically, colds in dogs will be brought on by stress, or as a side effect of a larger underlying illness. The most common symptoms of canine rhinovirus include sneezing, coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and decreased appetite.
Tonsillitis: Dogs can get tonsillitis just like humans. Typically, brachycephalic breeds (meaning those with smushed faces) are more prone to tonsil inflammation. Common symptoms of tonsillitis in dogs include chronic vomiting, gagging, coughing, vocal change, excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, or restlessness.
Pneumonia: There’s a bit of a trend happening here. Here’s another human illness that dogs can contract. But unlike most humans, pneumonia is serious in dogs and can be fatal. Symptoms of pneumonia often include nasal discharge, lethargy, coughing, labored breathing, or fever.
In general, between fungal, bacterial, viral infections, and more, your pet could use a helping hand when it comes to keeping their respiratory system in top shape. If you’ve been fretting about keeping your dog healthy, investing in a respiratory supplement may be in your best interest.

What Is a Respiratory Supplement?

A respiratory supplement is a way to support your pet’s respiratory functions and overall health. Wapiti makes a Chest herbal respiratory function supplement that has helped numerous pets regain and maintain optimal chest health. Concentrated in liquid form, our Chest supplement can do the following:

  • Warm the lungs
  • Calm the spirit and harmonize the stomach
  • Expand the chest for easy breathing and resolve dampness
  • Promote urination
  • Support normal integrity and overall function of the lungs.

While the Chest supplement isn’t for dogs with a dry cough, many pet owners have seen a marked improvement in their dog’s respiratory function after introducing the formula to their pet’s daily routine.

Breathe Easy with Wapiti

Now you and your pup can take a deep breath of relief with the Wapiti Chest supplement. Your dog’s respiratory health isn’t something to take lightly. If you have questions about your dog’s respiratory health, or about how the Wapiti Chest supplement can benefit your dog, feel free to give us a call. A member of our team would be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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