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Using Nature’s Power to Support Your Pup

Health and happiness go hand in hand for people, and the same can be said for pets. But dogs and cats can’t communicate how they feel directly. Instead, it’s up to pet owners to keep an eye on their furry friends’ behaviors in order to support their general well-being. While monitoring your pet’s behavior is important, preventative care is essential to helping your dog or cat live a long and healthy life. That means regular trips to the vet, a healthy diet, daily exercise, and plenty of affection.
Supplementation offers yet another way to help your pet maintain healthy bodily functions. But with so much information and so many products out there, where do you even start? And how exactly can supplements help your dog? We’ve broken down how you can channel the power of nature to help your pup live his or her best life by your side.

How Can Supplements Help My Dog?

The world of vitamins and supplements is wide—filled with a vast assortment of pills, powders, and capsules claiming to cure all kinds of issues. In general, supplements do exactly what the name implies: they fill a gap in your dog’s diet, or provide added support for various parts of your pup’s body, from the gastrointestinal system to the immune system. Wapiti Labs’ supplements are specially formulated for dogs at every stage of life who need a little extra help in certain areas.

Younger Dogs

Dogs in their first stage of life, while typically healthy, can develop any number of genetic or environmentally-induced issues as they grow. That might include anxiety, allergies, gastrointestinal distress, or other more serious health problems. Be sure to connect with your vet to first determine the source of your pup’s issue and find out if a supplement could help ease any symptoms.

Active Dogs

Hunting and sporting dogs put a lot more stress on their bodies than other canines. All of that running, jumping, and swimming can easily lead to leg or paw trauma, as well as muscle and tendon injury from overwork. Supplements like Wapiti’s Recuperate help dogs recover from vigorous activity. Recuperate can also support the natural healing process as your dog gets over an injury.

Senior Dogs

Dogs in their second stage of life still have a lot of years left in them. You can adjust diet, accessible areas, and introduce supplements made with senior dogs in mind in order to help your furry friend gracefully transition to old age. Wapiti’s Senior Mobility can help manage the inflammation and pain that comes with mobility issues dogs develop as they age.

What Goes into Wapiti Supplements?

You’re responsible for your pet’s health, so of course you’re looking for the best supplements for dogs and wanting to make sure that any products you introduce into his or her diet are made with high-quality ingredients. At Wapiti, we’re passionate about harnessing natural ingredients to help dogs and cats of all ages stay healthy. Here’s what goes into our pet supplements.

Traditional Herbs

We don’t believe in putting empty fillers like shark cartilage or lamb lung in our supplements. Instead, we pack our products with natural herbs, fruits, and roots. One glance at any of our ingredients lists will tell you all you need to know about our philosophy when it comes to the natural components we put into our products. You’ll see antioxidant-rich and high-quality materials like morinda root and cinnamon bark. Ginseng, another key ingredient, has been shown to provide an energy boost to dogs and help support their metabolism and immune system. We also use a minute amount of chrysanthemum flower petals in some of our supplements for their natural antibiotic and antiviral properties.

Elk Velvet Antler

Elk velvet antler (EVA) has been used as a dietary supplement and health treatment for over 2,000 years. Pure EVA offers numerous health benefits and is packed with valuable components like:

  • Amino acids
  • Collagen
  • Insulin-like Growth Factors
  • Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Glucosamine
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium
  • Elements like iron, copper, and zinc

But what exactly is EVA? This renewable and sustainable resource comes from elk antlers while they’re in their growth stage. We get all of our EVA from our very own elk ranch in Minnesota, where antlers are harvested once a year from our herd safely and humanely. Our elk receive expert care from our veterinarian and are free to roam the expansive ranch to their hearts’ content.
Due to its nutrient-rich makeup and quick absorption speed, EVA is a key component in several of our supplements. When used properly, this powerhouse ingredient can support joint flexibility and mobility, increase your pet’s ability to deal with stress, support normal muscle recovery and organ function, and assist with normal red blood cell production and circulation!

Keep Your Dog in Tip-Top Shape with Wapiti

Your canine companion deserves a high-quality life—and we’re passionate about making that possible by providing a wide range of pet supplements. Made in the U.S. with natural ingredients, our formulas can help your dog or cat stay in peak physical condition, leaving him or her healthy and happy for years to come.

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