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What does Elk Velvet Antler Contain?


With all the natural remedies out there for a variety of health conditions, it can be overwhelming to select and decide on a treatment or supplement that is best for you.  Natural supplements, in lieu of prescription medications, have grown in popularity and it seems everyone is looking for relief with a lower risk of undesirable side effects.  And who can blame them?
Elk Velvet has been used as an organic dietary supplement for thousands of years to treat a variety of health and wellness concerns. Antlers used in the composition of supplements should not be confused with horns.  Unlike horns, elk antlers are shed naturally and are regrown each year.  These antlers are composed of cartilage initially and, after several months of growth, the cartilage turns to bone.  The antler is harvested, and used for supplements, just as the antler begins to turn to bone; this process causes no injury to the elk.   Interested in learning more about elk velvet antler supplements?  We’ll discuss what these popular supplements contain and why each component is important:

  • Iron:  Responsible for moving oxygen throughout the body
  • Copper: Aids in the production of red blood cells
  • Calcium: Provides structural support for bones and teeth as well as blood clotting and muscle contraction
  • Manganese: Aids in bone and connective tissue development as well as nervous system function
  • Phosphorus: A component of metabolic reactions; provides structural support for bones and teeth
  • Magnesium: Stores and releases cell energy; used in metabolic reactions
  • Selenium: Antioxidant
  • Potassium: Aids in muscle and nerve function 
  • Zinc: Enzyme involved in respiration and digestion; aids in skin health and healing
  • Sulfur: Contained in amino acids and insulin
  • IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor): Protein naturally-produced by the liver which increase lean body mass, reduce fat, build bone and muscle and assist in metabolism
  • Collagen: Structural component found in bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage
  • Lipids: Essential fatty acids which boost energy for cellular activity in the body EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor): Promotes growth on the skin
  • Proteins: Essential amino acids used as the structural material in cells; aids in the repair and growth of tissue
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Acts as a cushion for the joints and other bodily tissue
  • Erythrpoietin: Hormone produced in the kidneys and released into the bloodstream to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: Strong anti-inflammatory
  • Prostaglandins: Found in nearly all tissue; positive effects on body defense systems
  • Glycosphingolipids: Aid in cell growth and metabolism
  • Keratin Sulfate: Support immune system function
  • Phospholipids: Structural component in cell membrane which passing fat in and out of cells and blood
  • Polysaccharides: Help to regulate blood clotting
  • Bone Morphogenetic Protein: Speeds bone growth

Wapiti Labs Elk Velvet Antler supplements are each formulated to treat a different health care concern in humans as well as dogs or cats.  Whether you are looking for relief specific to a certain condition, such as mobility, respiratory function and digestion, or you’re simply in search of an overall wellness supplement, elk velvet supplements may be the key.

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