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Cat Chest Herbal Formula for Respiratory, Lungs & Breathing

Cat Laying Outside In Front Of Large Green Leaves

Wapiti Labs #1 Selling Cat Liquid Tincture CHEST HERBAL FORMULA Clears and expands the chest for easy breathing. Based on a time-tested, traditional Eastern Holistic formulas, this concentrated liquid supplement is formulated with natural herbal ingredients to help support normal respiratory function and health. Helps support normal respiratory function and health Warms the lungs Harmonizes […]

Do Dogs Really Have Iron Stomachs?

White And Black English Bulldog Stands In Front Of Crackers 688961

Here’s a sentence almost every dog owner can relate to: “My dog ate something she shouldn’t have.” Our canine friends lick, chew, and eat things that an average human wouldn’t touch with rubber gloves. When many pet parents see their dogs gnashing down raw meat, old grass clippings, and abandoned honeycombs, they assume that their […]

Why Won’t My Cat Eat Anything?

Animal Breed Cat 205975

The veritable kings and queens of sass, cats have earned the reputation of being notoriously hard to please. Whether it’s a preference for a particular kind of toy, a need for an always-tidy litter box, or a tendency to destroy furniture legs during particularly long winters, if your cat doesn’t like something, you’ll know it. […]

4 Most Important Labrador Health Issues to Be Aware Of

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Whether you’re a young adult or thoroughly enjoying the grey-haired glory that comes with getting older, we’re all experiencing the process of aging. Eventually, getting out of bed or touching our toes may become a bit harder. Managing the health issues that come with aging is never easy. But for our four-legged friends with a […]

How to Support Your Dog’s Mobility & Strength

Active Adorable Animal 1485637

What’s your favorite thing to do with your pup? A game of fetch? A nice long walk? Chances are high that it involves movement, even if it’s just jumping up onto the couch to nap together. Playing tug-of-war, running, swimming—it all requires your dog to be happily active. Your canine’s ability to move directly impacts […]

Is a Vegan Diet Right for Cats?

Animal Breed Cat 205975

If you abstain from meat and other animal products in your own life, you may be wondering if your cat can do the same. Do they have to eat meat? If a human can stay healthy on a plant-based diet, why can’t your feline companion? We see a lot of misinformation out there about the […]

4 Telltale Signs of an Unhappy Cat

4 Telltale Signs Of An Unhappy Cat

Why Is My Cat Unhappy? Is there anything better than being greeted by a soft “meow!” when you walk in the door from work? At Wapiti Labs, we’re passionate about supporting your pet’s health so you can have as many of those happy moments with her as possible. With proper care and plenty of love […]

4 Daily Habits for a Healthier Canine

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Think about all of the time and effort you put into keeping yourself healthy: eating well, getting regular exercise, seeking mental stimulation, and more. Dogs need all of that, too! Caring for any pet requires more than just the odd trip to the vet—it requires daily work from you to help your furry friend stay […]

7 Myths You Should Know About Adopting an Older Cat

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So, you want to bring a new cat into your home! Whether it’s your first kitty or you’ve been a cat owner for years, consider visiting your local animal shelter or rescue and helping out one of the millions of cats that end up in shelters every year. Once you get there, take a minute […]

Addressing Breathing Problems in Dogs

Pug Panting

Your dog’s respiratory system is pretty amazing. On top of the expected job of delivering oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide, it also helps to regulate body temperature! But with so many components and roles comes a range of potential breathing and respiratory issues—and it can be quite scary for us in the moment […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy All Winter Long

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Winters can be long, cold, and miserable, so we’re especially grateful for our furry friends who keep us company when we’re stuck indoors! After all, is there any better feeling than curling up on the couch with your cat by your side? Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games (or fun and relaxing) at this […]