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GI Tract Herbal Supplement Formula for Dogs


From: $40.49 every 3 months

  • Naturally reduces occasional stomach discomfort for dogs
  • Harmonizes the stomach, helps support digestion
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Product Details


Soothe your dog’s upset stomach with this natural herbal supplement based on time-tested, traditional Eastern Holistic formulas. Our concentrated liquid formula harmonizes the stomach.

  • Reduces stomach discomfort due to buildup of gas in the stomach
  • Helps support digestion and bowel health
  • Helps maintain contentment during travel
  • Harmonizes the stomach
  • Soothes and protects the GI tract
  • Helps to resolve food stagnation in the stomach resulting from undigested food
  • Reduces passing of gas

Available as a concentrated liquid formula. Made without synthetic ingredients. We use a proprietary processing method. Made in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Product Size

2 oz. Liquid


Every 30 Days, Every 60 Days, Every 90 Days, One Time


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Our GI Tract formula reduces discomfort due to buildup of gas in the stomach. Helps support digestion
and overall health. Supports digestion and overall bowel health. Helps reduce motion sickness and
stomach tension. Harmonizes the stomach, soothes and protects the G.I. tract.

  • Poria Sclerotium Fungus – Strengthens the spleen and stomach, tranquilizes the heart and soothes
    nerves. Known to reduce anxiety and inflammation. Improves kidney and liver function & can lower
  • Coix Seed – Helps rid the body of dampness and access water. Has anti-viral, anti-toxin and wound
    healing properties.
  • Magnolia Bark – Helps relieve stress and anxiety. Protects against oxidation and inflammation. Helps
    ease stomach pain.
  • White Atactylodes Rhizome – Improves movement of intestines and bowels, reduces pain and
    inflammation in the digestive tract. Promotes healthy bladder and bowels. Helps control blood sugar
    and strengthens the body.
  • Agastache Herb – Helps strengthen the heart. Helps reduce colds, fevers diarrhea and respiratory
    infections. Helps protect the stomach.
  • Pueraria Root – Helps relieve dizziness, promotes bone health, improves antioxidant activity. May have
    anti-cancer effects, may promote brain and heart health.
  • Fragrant Angelica Root – Helps stimulate digestion, helps dispel gas and can increase appetite. Helps
    reduce arthritis ad circulation problems. Known to reduce nervousness & trouble calming down.
  • Saussurea Root – Helps ease abdominal pain.
  • Oryza Sprout – Helps aide digestion.
  • Gastrodia Rhizome – Extinguishes wind and stops spasms.
  • Chrysanthemum Flower – Boosts immune system.
  • Citrus Peel – Relieves Congestion, reduces inflammation, dissolves phlegm.

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