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Holistic Supplements to help with your pet’s Lyme Disease symptoms

It’s that time of year again, wood ticks are back in full force, bringing with them the possibility of Lyme disease. The most prevalent cause of Lyme disease is a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacteria is transmitted through the bite and feeding of an infected tick. When an infected tick attaches to the host […]

Is Thanksgiving Dinner Safe for My Dog?

Dog Stealing Thanksgiving Turkey

With the holidays just around the corner, it is common for people to share some of their table fare with their pets. Unfortunately, it’s also common to see an increase in urgent care visits to veterinary practices nationwide. While some foods from your holiday meal are okay to share with Fido in moderation, there are […]

Is Your Dog Ready for Hunting Season?

Black Labrador Dog Running Across A Field, Retrieving Pheasant.,dog Training School

Get Your Dog To Peak Hunting Performance Minnesota hunting season has begun, or depending on what you hunt, it could be around the corner. Whatever state you live in, we know your dogs make great companions, but they can be especially helpful when you go hunting. Make sure you are doing everything to keep your […]

How to Quickly Get Your Dog in Shape

Animal Corgi Dog 58997

Is your dog losing strength or endurance? Maybe your vet noticed that your pup is overweight, or maybe you’ve adopted a new friend who isn’t in such good shape. Regardless, your duty as a pet parent is to ensure your furry friend’s health and happiness. This can feel like a huge amount of responsibility, but […]

How to Support Your Dog’s Mobility & Strength

Active Adorable Animal 1485637

What’s your favorite thing to do with your pup? A game of fetch? A nice long walk? Chances are high that it involves movement, even if it’s just jumping up onto the couch to nap together. Playing tug-of-war, running, swimming—it all requires your dog to be happily active. Your canine’s ability to move directly impacts […]

Is a Vegan Diet Right for Cats?

Animal Breed Cat 205975

If you abstain from meat and other animal products in your own life, you may be wondering if your cat can do the same. Do they have to eat meat? If a human can stay healthy on a plant-based diet, why can’t your feline companion? We see a lot of misinformation out there about the […]

Using Nature’s Power to Support Your Pup

Animal Animal Photography Blurred Background 1938125

Health and happiness go hand in hand for people, and the same can be said for pets. But dogs and cats can’t communicate how they feel directly. Instead, it’s up to pet owners to keep an eye on their furry friends’ behaviors in order to support their general well-being. While monitoring your pet’s behavior is […]

4 Daily Habits for a Healthier Canine

Chatting Cups Dog 745045 (1)

Think about all of the time and effort you put into keeping yourself healthy: eating well, getting regular exercise, seeking mental stimulation, and more. Dogs need all of that, too! Caring for any pet requires more than just the odd trip to the vet—it requires daily work from you to help your furry friend stay […]

7 Myths You Should Know About Adopting an Older Cat

Animal Bookcase Books 156321

So, you want to bring a new cat into your home! Whether it’s your first kitty or you’ve been a cat owner for years, consider visiting your local animal shelter or rescue and helping out one of the millions of cats that end up in shelters every year. Once you get there, take a minute […]

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Specials

  Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Wapiti Labs! Shop online Black Friday thru Cyber Monday and RECEIVE a FREE 4″ Antler Chew with purchase of $30 or more! Plus FREE Shipping!! Don’t forget your favorite 4 legged friend this Holiday Season!!! Check out these great gift ideas below! Place your order of $30+ and […]

5 Thanksgiving Dangers to Look Out For

Dog Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family, friends, and food. Your cat or dog is all but guaranteed to want to join in on the fun, bouncing around the kitchen and begging for scraps as the turkey gets prepared. But be careful what you let your pet sample; plenty of foods that are fine for […]

National Holistic Pet Day

Shutterstock 378626140

We celebrate National Holistic Pet Day Today August 30th is special day to highlight the importance of whole pet health. Here are some easy steps to include a holistic approach to daily pet health.. Exercise:  Play with your cat, walk or run with your dog, get active with them! Lack of activity can develop into […]